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Saving your pictures

The two most important things you are doing are naming your pictures and moving them into the correct folder.

  • Download images from your camera using an SD card or the camera itself and open the files in Adobe Photoshop whenever possible.
  • Open the photographs and name then using this convention: lastname_slug_month_day.jpg. Eg: klein_soccer_09_15.jpg. (The date represents the day the photograph was originally taken). 
  • Our default images are created for print, at a high resolution (300 dpi).
  • Additionally create a "low resolution" (72 dpi) version that follows this naming convention: lastname_slug_month_day_online.jpg.
  • Save your images in your Documents folder and immediately place them in the PRODUCTION FOLDER.

Placing Images in the PRODUCTION FOLDER (Windows Instructions):

  • Go to the START menu icon located on the bottom left of the screen
  • Click on COMPUTER
  • In the address bar located at the top of the window, type in (username: newsmagazine)
  • The password will be distributed to you
  • Navigate within the folder
  • Copy your photos into the correct folder (hi res or online, or both)